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Our feather bow ties are a great statement for any groom.  They are elegant but special and really look great with a tux or suit.  They also make great groomsmen gifts - your groomsmen can wear them to the wedding and then take them home to enjoy!  

Please email us for group purchase pricing.

What a great way to celebrate graduation from college or high school - with a unique gift they can really use and enjoy!  These are great to wear with anything from a white shirt and khakis (our southern uniform) to a tuxedo.  Bet you would have enjoyed this more than whatever you got for graduation.....

We are always trying to find special gifts for our fathers, sons and nephews - but they are so hard to find!  We are so happy to now have our bow ties which make a perfect birthday or Father's Day gift.  In fact, we were told by one customer that it was the first gift her father-in-law had actually ever liked and used!

C Sanford South

Finally ... a gift he will love!